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Rental RO Service

RO (Reverse Osmosis) rental units that are skid mounted and ready to use, to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial water treatment processes. The RO equipment can be configured to allow operation as a single pass or double pass system and allow flexibility in adjusting flow rates based on production needs and influent water quality. We will custom design Reverse Osmosis solutions for each customers’ unique requirements.
We Supply all manufacturers’ RO membrane elements. We provide services to change out membranes, clean or replace them. The Reverse Osmosis system operates using a pressure driven, membrane process and uses a broad range of water treatment applications.
Reverse osmosis works by applying pressure to aqueous streams in a reverse osmosis membrane. The applied pressure causes water to flow to one side of the membrane and prevents the removed solids from penetrating. The supply water is split into concentrate and permeate streams.

We utilize the latest web based platforms and advertising vehicles in order to generate rental income on behalf of our clients. Our service level is such that we have returning guests, excellent on-line reviews and a high demand for rental suites in the area. Micro water solution will provide home owners worry free management of their property and home along with full rental services while insuring home owners not only comply with but minimize Mexican tax obligations.