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Chlorination Systems

We are pleased in introducing us as one of the leading Water Solution Firm, specializing in Chlorination Systems and Accessories used in Drinking Water, Cooling Water, Waste Water Treatment and other specialized applications. Backed by the state-of-art knowledge and richly experienced professional team in the field, We Design, Manufacture, Install & commission Chlorination Units & Accessories on a Turn -key Basis. Chlorination is the most widely used method of disinfection. Besides disinfection, chlorine also oxidizes iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide in the water giving a highly cost-effective and efficient water treatment solution. Rainfresh chlorination systems incorporate high quality peristaltic metering pumps to provide accurate and consistent metering. Chlorination Units are ideal for use as primary or residual disinfection system for campgrounds & resorts, motels, etc. Water chlorination is the process of adding chlorine or hypochlorite to water. This method is used to kill certain bacteria and other microbes in tap water as chlorine is highly toxic. In particular, chlorination is used to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.

Chloramination is also becoming increasingly common. Disinfection with chloramine produces less undesirable byproducts than chlorine. Chloramine has a longer half-life in the distribution system, and maintains effective protection against pathogens. Chloramines persist in the distribution because of their lower redox potential in comparison to free chlorine. Chloramine is formed by adding ammonia and chlorine into drinking water to form monochloramine and/or dichloramine. Whereas Helicobacter pylori can be many times more resistant to chlorine than Escherichia coli, both organisms are about equally susceptible to the disinfecting effect of chloramine.