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ETP Chemicals

Broadly acknowledged for its quality, our organization is engaged in offering a supreme quality E T P Chemicals. This chemical is accurately processed by vendors' qualified and brilliant team of professional using pristine quality chemical compounds and contemporary technology. Offered chemicals are highly suitable to be used for flocculation, decoloration, coagulation. In our company ETP is used for water treatment, in ETP, soil stabilization, to manufacture of Calcined Lime. High Molecular weight flocculant polymers available in Anionic, Non Ionic and Cationic grades. High molecular weight flocullants are capable of promoting flocullation by neutralizing superficial electric charges of sludge particles in the water & unstabilizing each individual particles. The particles then are absorbed by the activated functional group in the flocullant polymer. This is a polymer based coagul effluent. This will give excellent clarity for the final polishing for nature of effluent. Calcium and magnesium are unstable in water. In fact, if you throw a chunk of calcium or magnesium into water, you will cause an explosion! This happens because calcium and magnesium will literally rip water molecules in half. When water molecules are split by calcium or magnesium, it releases hydrogen gas. Portlandite plays an important role in the Water of cement-based materials and influences the strength and durability of such materials. Strong layering of water in the vicinity of the surface of portlandite demonstrates special structural features such as large density, good orientation preference, ordered interfacial organization and low diffusion rate. Due to the fixed vibration and rotation of the hydroxyl groups at the interface, water molecules within the first adsorbed layer adopt both H-downward and H-upward orientations by donating H-bonds and accepting H-bonds from the OH groups in the solid surface.