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Cooling Water Chemicals

A successful cooling water treatment must address initial conditioning, scale, fouling and corrosion control. Thermax cooling water treatments can be applied to virtually any cooling system with any type of makeup water. Proper application of water chemistry for a given system, our cooling water treatments provide clean heat transfer surfaces that are free of corrosion and scale, and operate at top efficiency. Formulations for control of scale and corrosion for a variety of makeup water chemistries are available on request. Control of scale and corrosion requires a balanced approach based on a careful appraisal of water quality and operating conditions. Water is used extensively as a highly efficient coolant in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process activities where cooling is required. To ensure such cooling systems are correctly maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct cooling water conditions are established and then maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected cooling water treatment chemicals. Accepta's comprehensive range of high performance cooling water treatment chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant operational benefits and performance improvements to cooling towers, and open and closed cooling systems that use water as a primary coolant. Our extensive range of formulated chemicals for cooling water treatment applications includes highly effective biodispersants, corrosion inhibitors for both hard and soft water, and advanced multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor formulations. We also offer a full range of high performance oxidising and non-oxidising biocides for microbiological control activities in cooling towers and other cooling systems.