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Operation & Maintenance

To run the water treatment, the vital facility and devices are: electrical facility such as power receiving and distribution facility, power generation facility, variable speed control equipment and rotating machinery and other units such as various type water quality measuring devices, industrial measuring units. The process control system conducts automatic control based on such facility and devices. Our system makes the total monitoring of such process control systems. In addition, in order to manage the facility information, we make the overall maintenance services on the overall on-site processing plants and the supervisory control system. While keeping the facility sound and contributing the stable operation of the social infrastructure systems, we offer the proven reliability and the safety to our customers. Anticipation of the water quality regulations and implementation of the Water Safety Plans is a key priority for adapting the WTP existing infrastructure and operational practices to ensure compliance with the future requirements. The trend to digitalisation in our life offers new opportunities for optimization of the plant operation and enhances plant management (chemicals dosing, workforce management, and energy optimisation). Big data and the numerical technological revolution (connected objects, Internet of things, sensors and IT smart platforms) will impact and transform the way we will operate our plants in the future. Examples on issues important to our water future include, such as low cost desalination, biological processes for water treatment, water quality compliance, asset management, smart operation tools, arsenic issue, solutions for the developing countries, emerging pollutants : how safe is safe (joint action with Water & Health SG ) decision support and plant control HR issues: Operational Expertise and skills, how to do capacity building power consumption and energy management, life cycle costs The specialist group on design, operation and maintenance of drinking water treatment plants can enhance networking and exchange of practices and experience on operational issues for those involved in the design and operation of drinking water treatment plants, and contribute to better understand the operational needs (ex. in terms of Training) and help solving operational problems